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"Only those who are at home in themselves are ready for change."
Thomas Hübl

3-Part Video Series:
Create Vitality, Joy and Connection in your Relationships

"Only those who are at home in themselves are ready for change." Thomas Hübl
3-Part Video Series:
Create Vitality, Joy and Connection in all your Relationships
Sep 16

Dream Coaching® is a dynamic process which helps you to dream big, take risks and learn lessons from your failures. It makes you ask yourself what's important to you and what steps you’re willing to take to make your dreams come true. This requires intention, integrity, belief, courage, compassion and action.

Dream Coaching® is for you if you want to:

  • Design a dream-come-true life
  • Understand and build better relationships
  • Create a successful business
  • Realize a personal or professional dream

As a Dream Coach® I will help you:

  • Find your purpose and your passion
  • Ask for what you want so that others get it
  • Uncover the obstacles that are preventing your successes
  • Develop personal strategies to help you become more effective in all walks of life
  • Feel inspired and ready to take action
  • Create lasting change 

Here's my program at a glance

Set an Intention

Intention helps you get clear on what you want.

Integrity Is the key to Manifestation

It's all about keeping your agreements,and doing what you say. Together with intention you manifest what it is you really want.

Live on Purpose

Purpose is who you are what you're passionate about and what's unique about you. Learn how to be of service with your gifts.

Access Your Dreamer

Your dreams are what matter to you and what you're willing to do about it to make it happen.

Learn from your Doubter

As you say yes to your dreams, your doubter raises its head.

Believe in Your Dreams

Your beliefs are what you hold to be true. Our beliefs are never neutral. They either move us forward or hold us back.  We choose what we believe.

Learn from your Failures

New personal practices will strengthen your new beliefs.

Take Serious Steps Forward

Turn your dreams into projects, goals and strategies. Take baby steps that are sustainable.

Build you Dream Team

Master the skill of enrollment. Surround yourself with the people who care and support you.

Live as a Dreamer

Live a dream come true life and experience a happier, healthier, kinder and more generous you.

A dream without action simply remains a nice idea!

Dream Coaching® and Family Life


Forming a healthy family unit is all about the relationship we have with our spouse or partner and the relationship we then have with our children. Relationships based on mutual love and respect  provide the opportunity for all of us to live happy and fulfilled lives.


I can help you become the parent you always dreamed of being.  Many factors prevent us from being effective and loving parents and I help you focus on creating a strong and healthy relationship with your children in order to provide a solid foundation for them.


Children sometimes need help to connect to themselves by exploring challenges that prevent them from feeling happy and successful, at school, in their family or social circles.

In 3 months children move from difficulty to success. They no longer see themselves as a “problem child;” and become aware of their many strengths and talents. Together we learn to develop and improve these abilities, and the result is a happy person who contributes both to themselves and their surroundings.

What is the Dream Coach Program?

This is a 10 week program in which each session teaches a key coaching point. Special assigned worksheets and journaling tips accompany the client’s journey as he/she delves deeper into who they are and clarifies their goals.  Each week the client sets a Within-One-Week(WOW) action step that is designed to take them one step closer to their personal dream.

Integrating other methods

I also use the work of Andy Austin’s Metaphors of Movement and the work of  Tony Robbins in my work with clients.  

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