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Awaken - Integrate - Restore
10 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True


Awaken - Integrate - Restore
10 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True

Bev's Coaching Services

Turn Dreams into Dollars
Turn Dreams into Dollars

This six-week online course helps successful business owners to dream big, take risks, accept failures with grace, get back up and dream big again.

1:1 Sessions
1:1 Sessions

Deep dive coaching for your personal and professional development. Get to the heart of what is limiting your ability to experience joy, passion and energy.

Make Your Dreams Come True
Make Your Dreams Come True

This ten-week process will help you to dream big, take risks and learn from failures. Discover what's important to you and what steps you’re willing to take to realize your dreams.

About Bev

As a certified Dream Coach®, I help successful people accomplish their personal and professional dreams.

For over 20 years, I have worked with individuals, couples, families, prisoners and groups.

More About Bev  Profile in The Jerusalem Post

Why People Love Working With Bev

  • Bev, Thank you for these moments that are full of peace, clarity and intention. My life is so much richer because you're in it.
  • Bev is an excellent coach. She was able to pick up and sense which details were important to work on. From the beginning I knew I was in good hands. Bev kept me on track and focused on me rather than on the situation and other people and their reactions.
  • Bev's coaching sessions were inspirational and reassuring. Having someone to talk to each week who believes in me was very positive. The worksheets and assignments made sure that I was thinking about the coaching over the week to organize my thoughts and prepare for the session.
  • For a long time it has bothered me that I didn't know what my purpose in life is. Bev very professionally and quickly helped pinpoint what my purpose is ( the thing that gives me pleasure and the feeling of being in my element) and helped me develop it and guided me and advised me how to fulfill it. I especially liked Bev's enthusiasm and encouragement even of the small, little steps that I accomplished.
  • Bev is amazingly non-judgemental.I grew so much just being able to share whatever was on my heart and mind.She has amazing insight and is an incredible support. Her positivity is contagious.And she always saw the good in what I did.
  • Bev has just been amazing! Working together with her has enabled me to regain my self-belief and confidence. Through this program, I have achieved an understanding of varied strategies and tools which has provided me with both direction and focus to better deal with life changes and lead a more purposeful life. I strongly recommend both the program and Bev Ehrlich.
  • I have known Bev for many years. She is a great source of strength to me in her coaching me through my struggles with relationships. because of the time I have invested with her, I have become a stronger person, and tackle my relationships with much more clarity. She has such insight and wisdom and I would highly recommend Bev to help "see the way forward. Thanks Bev!
  • Bev has an amazing ability to very quickly drill down and get to the point. I left every session feeling like the woods were clearer and I had direction again. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me and my family."
  • I am so grateful for Bev. When my confusion and doubt are daunting Bev has an outstanding ability to provide clarity, to offer another perspective, and to guide me along my journey.
  • There are not enough good words to say how much I appreciate Bev's patience, passion and undivided attention. For me it was like a stream of fresh air just at the time I needed it most.
  • Bev has a natural and warm way at communicating. She made me feel that I can make positive changes in my life.
  • Bev is a great facilitator and presents new ways to approach ongoing issues. It is also nice to learn with a supportive group of people in Bev's workshops.
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A Ten-Week online course with Bev Joy Ehrlich

Make Your Dreams Come True is a dynamic 10 week process which helps you to dream big, take risks and learn lessons from your failures. It makes you ask yourself what's important to you and what steps you’re willing to take to make your dreams come true. It requires intention, integrity, belief, courage, compassion and action.

Make Your Dreams Come True course is for you if you want to:

  • Design a dream-come-true life
  • Understand and build better relationships
  • Create a successful business
  • Realize a personal or professional drea

The Make Your Dreams Come True program will:

▲ Provide you with the necessary skills to create a profitable business with proven ideas to jump-start or advance your career.

▲ Provide a step-by-step process for connecting to your life’s purpose and passion. 

▲ Reveal how we sabotage dreams and show you how to remove any obstacles (including time and money issues).

▲ Offer a simple and potent strategic planning and coaching process, with accountability for success.

Each session begins with a key point clearly and simply taught. Worksheets are provided in order to complete assignments. Each week outcomes will be reviewed, questions answered and plans created for the following week.

The Sessions at a Glance

Each session is 90 minutes long.

The sessions are on zoom.

Replays will also be provided if you miss.

Following is the order of the sessions, along with their objectives giving you the details of the Program at a glance.

Session 1:

  • Set An Intention
    • Objective: To understand the power and importance of intention and for you to set an intention for this course.

 Session 2:

  • Integrity – The Key to Manifestation
    • Objective: To learn how to live with integrity by removing incompletions and keeping agreements with yourself and others. When we clean up our past, we are free to move forward, making our dreams more attainable, richer, deeper and rewarding.

Session 3:

  • Live On Purpose
    • Objective: To understand the meaning and importance of purpose in order to live more aligned with your purpose. Session You will be given simple exercises for discovering or uncovering your purpose and by the time you complete this session, you will have a clear purpose statement, or at least an excellent starting place.

Session 4:

  • Access Your Dreamer
    • Objective: To create a powerful and dynamic relationship with the Dreamer inside of you, and to create a dream you are passionate about. You will learn the difference between dreams, goals and fantasies.

Session 5:

  • Learn From Your Doubter
    • Objective: To create a powerful and dynamic relationship with the Doubter inside of you, and to learn from the lessons this voice offers.

 Session 6:

  • Believe In Your Dreams
    • Objective: To create a belief as a solid foundation for making your dreams come true. Session Summary: Believing in what you want is essential and any negative belief, even fear, can be eliminated.

Session 7:

  • Failure Can Lead To Success   
  • Objective: To learn to use all of life’s lessons as powerful tools, and to create daily practices to deepen what you learn. Let’s look at professional failure through a new perspective.

 Session 8:

  • Take Serious Steps Forward
    • Objective: To plan the essential action steps to ensure that your business grows the way you wish it to grow. Here is where you take your dream into the project and action phases. You will learn to segment your dream into simple steps so you can quickly advance. Afterwards, you’ll review the steps to ensure that all their necessary elements are aligned.

Session 9:

  • Building Your Dream Team
    • Objective: To be able to ask for help, making your dream more easily attainable. You will learn to create a winning DreamTeam by successfully and effectively making specific requests.

Session 10:

  • Wrap Up and Recap

Live a dream come true life and experience a happier, healthier, kinder and more generous you.

There has never been a better or more important time for us to know who we are, what we want and how to pursue it.

May our journey together be rich and rewarding.

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