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10 Steps for Making Your Next Dream Come True

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Slimming in My Salon

​ Thinking about weight loss and slimming for yourself or your clients? 

​ For so many clients with weight issues, it quickly becomes clear that the issue is not food. The real issue is how we think, feel and make decisions. Slimming in my Salon is a unique workshop which offers material and messages that will shift your thinking!

With the new confidence and skills I learned
in the course, I'm enrolling new clients.

Client Testimonial

Slimming in my Salon is based on the very successful material taught and presented in the UK, India , Poland and the USA by Andrew Austin .

​ We're starting just after Chanukah, so email me at or fb me to book your place. 

Where: Modiin (Mornings) 10:00 – 12:00

Yad Binyamin (Evenings) 20:00 – 22:00

When : Sunday 20.12, Sunday 27.12, Sunday 3.1, Sunday 10.1

Cost : 300NIS
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