10 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True
10 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True
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Use this assessment to identify your greatest leverage points for rapid growth of your business.

On a scale from 0-10, please rate your business in the following areas.

________ I have a crystal clear vision for where I want my business to go

________ I have a specific, step-by-step plan for how to achieve all my business goals

________ I have a powerful support team that is filled with “A” players only

________ When it comes to building my team, I always look ahead for the best people to add before I need them

________ I’m aware of industry trends, economic trends, and technology trends that will impact the future of my business and I’m ready to capitalize on these trends

________ I have marketing strategies that work effectively

________ I always test and measure the results of our marketing so that we can constantly improve our results

________ I have a systemized sales process that ensures my sales team members can all be successful

________ I have a system in place for rewarding my team regularly with praise, gifts or public acknowledgement

________ I regularly check our business financial reports and safeguard our cash flow

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