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Mar 16

Generous Networkers

Where: Hod Hasharon
When:  Monday,  April 8, 2019
Time:   19:30 - 22:00

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Adrienne and I are firm believers that our success is impacted by the company we keep and the relationships we build. Networking and connecting with people who are successful and living dream-come –true lives, helps and motivates us to fulfil our dreams.

People who accomplish their dreams are doing amazing things with not only their lives, but the lives of their families, communities, and hopefully someday the world at large.

Having said that, networking and professional connections are hugely important to our careers and our lives, but for many of us, networking in a large context is awkward and uncomfortable.

Generous Networkers is a highly structured networking event which we host for 12 participants. Participation is 30 NIS. There are light snacks served. Upon registration, you will receive a detailed email with the address and the structure.Refunds will not be issued upto 48 hours before the evening. In the event that you cannot attend, you may transfer your registration to another upcoming event.

Our hope is that we create a unique opportunity for people to glean new knowledge and contacts in a warm, comfortable and relaxed environment. By learning how to ask for specific help and networking in an authentic way we build our dream team that will make our next dream more attainalble.

“The fundamental element that defines the quality of our lives is the people we surround ourselves with and the conversations we have with them.”
Jon Levy

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Adrienne is an educator, entrepreneur, and eternal explorer.
She is dedicated to helping women fill their lives with love and JOY by allowing them the opportunity to unapologetically fall madly in-love with themselves and their lives. Why? To finally FEEL Joy. The highest level of happiness, the highest vibration, the best way to attract, create and succeed in bringing in even more joy and love to your life. Ultimately allowing women to succeed in any area of their life. She applied her academic background (B.Ed and M.A) to research and develop a 7 step program that helps bring on the love in the fastest and most sustainable way possible.




Telfed Talk

My talk at Telfed Jerusalem where I inspired new immigrants from South Africa to identify and act on their dreams.



  • Yad Labanim

    Yad Labanim

    Bev gave an interesting talk on "Making your Dreams come True" at Modiin's new Yad Labanim. Three audience members won a "Get Clear on your Dreams" free session with Bev.

  • AACI Talk

    AACI Talk

    Speaking to an AACI audience in Jerusalem. I loved that they shared with me how they'd never thought of their dreams as being what really mattered to them.

  • Hadassah Talk

    Hadassah Talk

    I had an interesting, enjoyable and lively workshop with a group of women in Hadassah. Maccabim, November 2017


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