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"All I have is all I need and all I need is all I have in this moment."
Byron Katie
"All I have is all I need and all I need is all I have in this moment." Byron Katie
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Is timing always perfect?

I recently revisited a conversation I had with Adrienne Sholzberg. Adrienne was invited to attend an opening ceremony of a renovated synagogue in Tel Aviv. The story that she heard there inspired a beautiful and clear metaphor about hope, rebuilding and new possibilities. The old synagogue had been abandoned, forgotten, locked up never to see the light of day again, until….someone came along, saw the potential and created a space of learning, teaching, enrichment and community.

What Adrienne so beautifully shared with me from this experience is that oftentimes we may think that something is gone, it's finished. You may think nothing good is ever going to come out of your life. So you shut yourself off from yourself, your passions, your desires and who you really are.

You may have been hurt so many times that you decide I'm just going to lock my heart and not let anyone in. I can really manage on my own.

BUT if you take the time to sit in quiet contemplation, take a walk in nature and just spend some time looking inside and feeling the hurt, you will be able to begin loving again by loving yourself just a little.

Let's just notice the feelings of sadness and despair without trying to change them. Then in this space we can become kinder and more compassionate to ourselves and begin to notice new opportunities coming our way. Knowing yourself better gives you a more solid foundation that enables you to make meaningful contributions and live a life that matters to you.

You can watch the whole 6 minute WISH ( Wisdom Share) with Adrienne Sholzberg here. Scroll down the page.

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