Slimming in My Salon

We're running out of time so let me cut to the chase... "Slimming in my Salon" won't teach you anything about diet or losing weight effortlessly. You probably know a lot about that. You may even have spent the money on diet pills and gym contracts. This workshop will show you what to do about the psychological and emotional challenges to better enable you to think and make decisions like a thinner version of yourself.

You can do this. It's easy when you know how. And I'm going to show you how.

Where: Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph (Mornings from 10:00-12:00)

             Modiin (Evenings from 20:00-22:00)

When: Sunday 7.02, Sunday 14.02, Sunday 21.02, Sunday 28.02

Cost : 300NIS

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It's your time! Let's do this!

Every attendee receives a free Health Reset Session one- on -one with me in which we identify your single biggest block to ultimate health.