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My name is Bev Joy Ehrlich. As a certified Dream Coach®, I help successful people accomplish their personal and professional dreams. Through one-on-one sessions, I help people know who they are, what they want and how to pursue it.

For over 20 years, I have worked with individuals, couples, families, prisoners and groups. I would feel honored to listen, learn and inspire you along your journey.

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Profile in The Jerusalem Post

My Dream Coaching® Services

10-Week Dream Coach® Program

If you need help discovering your purpose and your passion, and combining them with inspired action, I offer a 10 week Dream Coach® program, which focuses on discovering your passion and your purpose as well as dealing with your doubts and fears and getting the support of the people who believe in you. Create your own, special dream team, so that you may offer the world your unique and special gifts.

10-Week Program for Teens

I offer a 10-week program for teens which builds momentum. Each session is designed to teach one life changing principle which can be easily achieved in one week.

3-Hour Workshop

I offer a 3 hour workshop to help you get passionate about what you want, be clear about it, believe in yourself and your dream and then the ultimate of proving you believe in yourself and your dream by taking action on it.

What They Say About Me

  • Bev, Thank you for these moments that are full of peace, clarity and intention. My life is so much richer because you're in it.
  • Bev is an excellent coach. She was able to pick up and sense which details were important to work on. From the beginning I knew I was in good hands. Bev kept me on track and focused on me rather than on the situation and other people and their reactions.
  • Bev's coaching sessions were inspirational and reassuring. Having someone to talk to each week who believes in me was very positive. The worksheets and assignments made sure that I was thinking about the coaching over the week to organize my thoughts and prepare for the session.
  • For a long time it has bothered me that I didn't know what my purpose in life is. Bev very professionally and quickly helped pinpoint what my purpose is ( the thing that gives me pleasure and the feeling of being in my element) and helped me develop it and guided me and advised me how to fulfill it. I especially liked Bev's enthusiasm and encouragement even of the small, little steps that I accomplished.
  • Bev is amazingly non-judgemental.I grew so much just being able to share whatever was on my heart and mind.She has amazing insight and is an incredible support. Her positivity is contagious.And she always saw the good in what I did.
  • Bev has just been amazing! Working together with her has enabled me to regain my self-belief and confidence. Through this program, I have achieved an understanding of varied strategies and tools which has provided me with both direction and focus to better deal with life changes and lead a more purposeful life. I strongly recommend both the program and Bev Ehrlich.
  • I have known Bev for many years. She is a great source of strength to me in her coaching me through my struggles with relationships. because of the time I have invested with her, I have become a stronger person, and tackle my relationships with much more clarity. She has such insight and wisdom and I would highly recommend Bev to help "see the way forward. Thanks Bev!
  • Bev has an amazing ability to very quickly drill down and get to the point. I left every session feeling like the woods were clearer and I had direction again. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me and my family."
  • I am so grateful for Bev. When my confusion and doubt are daunting Bev has an outstanding ability to provide clarity, to offer another perspective, and to guide me along my journey.
  • There are not enough good words to say how much I appreciate Bev's patience, passion and undivided attention. For me it was like a stream of fresh air just at the time I needed it most.
  • Bev has a natural and warm way at communicating. She made me feel that I can make positive changes in my life.
  • Bev is a great facilitator and presents new ways to approach ongoing issues. It is also nice to learn with a supportive group of people in Bev's workshops.

Telfed Talk

My talk at Telfed Jerusalem where I inspired new immigrants from South Africa to identify and act on their dreams.



  • Yad Labanim

    Yad Labanim

    Bev gave an interesting talk on "Making your Dreams come True" at Modiin's new Yad Labanim. Three audience members won a "Get Clear on your Dreams" free session with Bev.

  • AACI Talk

    AACI Talk

    Speaking to an AACI audience in Jerusalem. I loved that they shared with me how they'd never thought of their dreams as being what really mattered to them.

  • Hadassah Talk

    Hadassah Talk

    I had an interesting, enjoyable and lively workshop with a group of women in Hadassah. Maccabim, November 2017


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