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10 Steps for Making Your Next Dream Come True

Sep 16

bev joy life coachBev Joy Ehrlich is a certified Dream Coach® and a graduate of Marcia Wieder's Dream University®As a dream coach she helps you achieve your dreams in the areas of health, wealth, relationships or spiritual.She offers  a step-by-step process for connecting you to your life’s purpose and passion. She teaches you how to make changes in your mindset and beliefs. She helps uncover what's sabotaging your successes and how to remove obstacles. The work is transformational as well is integrative as she and her clients explore lineage as well and light up the areas that need to be lit up in order for you to be of service with all of your gifts.

Bev has a BA in Psychology and Hebrew and a teacher’s diploma from the University of Cape Town. She holds an honors degree in psychology from UNISA and additional coaching certificates from Seminar Hakibutzim and the Derech Hadaat Institute.

she has over 17 years of experience in education and coaching. Among her achievements are the establishment of the English Speaker’s program in Even Chen Elementary School, teaching and coaching inmates in the Ayalon Jail and founding Olim4Olim, a company that was established to assist  new Olim adjust to the many challenges of Aliyah.

Over the last 20 years with diverse career experience, she have worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups.

She is  married to Adrian. They have four children and five  grandchildren. They live in Israel. 

Bev's goal is to help you, through our one-on-one coaching sessions to define and work towards achieving your personal goals, while taking into account your own unique challenges. By accomplishing your goals, you will experience more happiness, fulfillment and inner peace.

She is honored to listen, learn and inspire you along your journey.

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