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"There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from."
Elizabeth Kübler-Ross
10 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True
"There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from." Elizabeth Kübler-Ross
10 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True
Sep 16

As a transformational life and relationships coach Bev Joy Ehrlich supports you in resolving challenges while simultaneously enhancing the joy in your relationships as: intimate partners, family members, friends and colleagues.

Bev shares insights of how our early childhood experiences impact our adult relationships. Through compassionate listening and gentle exploration those shadows and often painful events can be integrated and healed so you can have the relationships you long for.

Our sense of safety and security in the world impacts our emergence and who we become. Nourishing and cultivating our relationships form the foundation for meaningful contribution in the world and a life that truly matters.

A session with Bev provides an opportunity to bring awareness to personal processes. She helps to shed light on your patterns of behavior, change your perspectives and work on solutions to your challenges.

Bev’s core passion is educating and empowering you to live with a deeper level of consciousness, authentic expression, alignment and contribution.

Her clients notice that reaching out for support and voicing their challenges illuminate a new found richness in the co-creative aspect to their lives. They report living more of a life that matters in relationship with others.  They feel more energized and aware of new possibilities.

Bev lives in Israel with her husband, children and grandchildren. She was born in South Africa where she studied education and psychology.

Once in Israel she began studying coaching from various Israeli and international schools. After writing programs and teaching in elementary schools, she began teaching and coaching in Israeli jails.

Over the past 20 years with diverse career experience, she has worked with individuals, couples, families, groups and prisoners.

She is honored to listen, learn and inspire you along your journey.

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Attentive and Reflective

Bev listened attentively and reflected back on what I said; she guided me to the answers. In a mere six sessions, many issues had shifted and the knot of my jumbled thoughts was significantly less complicated.

R. from Jerusalem

Pleasure to work with

Bev was such a pleasure to work with. From the very beginning I felt our sessions were a safe space where I was able to truly open up and share, largely due to Bev’s extremely professional, yet kind and gentle demeanor. I felt Bev had my best interest at heart when she suggested we end our sessions earlier than planned due to my progress. She helped me understand different aspects about myself that I hadn’t realized or verbalized before, all of which led me to progress in my career choices.

M. from Jerusalem


You are amazing. Even though I went completely off course you gracefully allowed me to feel good. I feel like I gained so much from our time together. I can not recommend you highly enough to anyone looking to live a life personally and professionally that they love, thank you.

M. from the UK

Confident and Peaceful

You helped me feel confident as to how to handle a difficult situation. I took action  from a place of being calm rather than reactive. We learned and worked together to figure out the best productive and non destructive way to end a relationship. I left feeling like I was very clear on what to do and how to do it so that it would be the best for me :), taking care of myself and feeling at peace with my decision.

D. from Modiin

Enthusiasm and Support

I loved your enthusiasm and support, your clarity and your acceptance. I was looking forward to each session.  The homework was helpful in focusing.

E. from Modiin


The chaverot  were interested in and enjoyed Bev's talk. 

Neshot Hadassah, Modiin

Peace, Clarity and Intention
"Bev, thank you for these moments that are full of peace, clarity and intention. My life is sso much richer because you're in it."
N. from Modiin

Bev is an excellent coach. She was able to pick up and sense which details were important to work on. From the beginning I knew I was in good hands. Bev kept me on track and focused on me rather than on the situation and other people and their reactions."
L. from Netanya

"Bev's coaching sessions were inspirational and reassuring. Having someone to talk to each week who believes in me was very positive. The worksheets and assignments made sure that I was thinking about the coaching over the week to organize my thoughts and prepare for the session."
M. from  Bet Shemesh. 

Greatly appreciated
"Bev's talk to the AACI RAPS  was greatly appreciated and enjoyed. This was obvious by the remarks and the participation in the exercise she did. Some of our members really opened up.
Probably few of us thought about our dreams as being what really matters to us. And her worksheet with No more, What's it costing me, and What's next, gave us a different approach to looking realistically at the first steps to achieving our dreams.
Thank you for stretching our imaginations a bit and emphasizing that by being positive and taking the right steps, we can make changes. May you continue to help people makes good changes to their lives!"
AACI, Jerusalem

"For a long time it has bothered me that I didn't know what my purpose in life is. Bev very professionally and quickly helped pinpoint what my purpose is ( the thing that gives me pleasure and the feeling of being in my element) and helped me develop it and guided me and advised me how to fulfill it. I especially liked  Bev's enthusiasm and  encouragement even of the small, little steps that I accomplished."
T. from Jerusalem

"Bev is amazingly non-judgemental.I grew so much just being able to share whatever was on my heart and mind.She has amazing insight and is an incredible support. Her positivity is contagious.And she always saw the good in what I did."
S. from Jerusalem

Inspires confidence
"Bev has just been amazing! Working together with her has enabled me to regain my self-belief and confidence. Through this program, I have achieved an understanding of varied strategies and tools which has provided me with both direction and focus to better deal with life changes and lead a more purposeful life. I strongly recommend both the program and Bev Ehrlich."
L. from Modiin

"With you I always felt there was a give and take. Whether I left our conversations feeling great or feeling shitty, it felt like my time had been valued, used productively. I always felt like I had direction and "something to do"/"an assignment" whether implicit or explicit after our talks."
O. from Jerusalem

Patient and Passionate
"There are not enough good words to say how much I appreciate Bev's patience, passion and undivided attention. For me it was like a stream of fresh air just at the time I needed it most."
H. from Modiin

"Bev has a natural and warm way at communicating. She made me feel that I can make positive changes in my life."
B. from Yad Binyamin

Great facilitator
"Bev is a great facilitator and presents new ways to approach ongoing issues. It is also nice to learn with a supportive group of people in Bev's workshops."
J. from Maccabim

Source of strength
"I have known Bev for many years. She is a great source of strength to me in her coaching me through my struggles with relationships. because of the time I have invested with her, I have become a stronger person, and tackle my relationships with much more clarity. She has such insight and wisdom and I would highly recommend Bev to help "see the way forward. Thanks Bev!"
D:D:D from Cape Town, South Africa

Provides clarity
"Bev has an amazing ability to very quickly drill down and get to the point. I left every session feeling like the woods were clearer and I had direction again. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me and my family."
S. from Modiin

"I am so grateful for Bev. When my confusion and doubt are daunting Bev has an outstanding ability to provide clarity, to offer another perspective, and to guide me along my journey."
O. from Beersheva

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